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There are over 900,000 journalists here in the United States. Every single one of them is looking companies just like yours to feature. Just one article can expose your campaign to millions of targeted customers. You'll instantly boost your exposure in the U.S., increase your sales, improve your reputation and reach key influencers. Can you images what hundreds of news features will do for you? We know these reporters. We know who they are. We know what they write about ... and we know how to present your company to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity of getting top tier news coverage.

There’s no doubt about it ... the USA has one of the strongest markets in the world to offer UK businesses. Its luxury market is currently number one in the world and it is already the top importer of British goods. Best of all, the pound is currently weak against the dollar, making now the perfect time to test the water in the US. Goods and services coming from the UK have never been cheaper for customers buying them in dollars, resulting in plenty of American customers looking to buy from British companies.

In just one month, Visiting From Space got us featured in Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget, Wired, Mashable and over 500 more news outlets. All of the visibility immediately boosted our sales by $346,000 and paved the way for a $4.6 million dollar round of funding. Amazing!! – the Bublcam

There are other PR agencies out there, but absolutely no one like us. Our specialty is technology PR. We know these reporters, we know who’ll be headed to CES and we know how to get your project to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity at getting picked up. Just as important, these reporters know us. We’ve developed deep relationships with the world’s most influential reporters. We leverage these relationships for you to get you maximum news coverage before, during and after CES. Don’t make the mistake of picking an agency that says they can do it only to find out they really can’t. If you want it done right, you’ve come to the right place.

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With CES right around the corner, you've got a lot to think about. Once you're on board, we'll handle all aspects of your media campaign, taking all of that stress away. We're experts at what we do. This is what we're great at.


Most PR agencies require you to commit to their services for six months to a year. Not us! We realize CES is special, so we've created a two month plan that allows you to maximize news coverage before, during and after the show. Once the show has ended and we've dazzled you with the results, hop on board longer and we can keep the press rolling year round.

Dedicated Media Team

Once you're on board, we're all in. Sit back and relax while our team of experts handles all aspects of your media campaign from strategy and creation to outreach, management, reporting, and optimization.

Media Management

We work directly with reporters so you don't have to. We answer their questions and field their inquiries. We schedule and facilitate interviews and do the prep work for you so you look great online and over the airwaves. Even if you get media inquiries beyond your time with us, we'll continue to handle them for as long as they come in.

Media Reach & Number of Reporters

Choose between US or Global reach. With U.S. reach we target U.S. reporters who'll be headed to CES. To maximize your U.S. exposure we reach out to anyone else that's relevant from our network of 900,000+ U.S. journalists. With Global reach we target all of the reporters that will be headed to CES, no matter where they're from. With Global reach your unlocking our entire network, over 1.9 million journalists ... the largest network of media contacts on the planet.

Strategic Positioning & Messaging

We know the media. That's our niche. That's where we are best. We know journalists, bloggers, and reporters that cover products like yours. And we know how to get your company to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity at getting picked up.

Online Media Portal

Your website is great, but reporters have limited time to flip through all of your pages looking for the details they need. We make it easy for them, serving all your information up to them on a silver platter. Our digital team will create an online Media Portal for you .... a one-stop destination with all of the details reporters need to write their articles.

Guaranteed Coverage

We guarantee coverage. All of our clients get results. We have the largest network of media contacts on the planet. By combining our relationships with data and analytics we're able to maximize your news coverage, generating more news coverage for you than any other agency.

Visiting From Space IQ

We track everything, measuring the success of every piece of content we share, from the emails we send out to reporters to the online Media Portal we create for you. Every single step and movement of the reporters is measured, quantified and scored so that we can systematically improve everything down the road, giving you maximum results throughout your time with us.

Social Media Monitoring

We study how news about your business moves across the social networks ... then we fan the flames. We access real-time data from over 100 million sources in 50+ languages across all of the top social channels. We find potential leads by searching and understanding online conversations about your market, your competitors and your brand. Then we engage, posting content that keeps the conversation about your business moving.

We're the top technology PR agency on the planet. No one knows this space better than we do. We have deep relationships with the world's top reporters. We leverage our relationships day in and day out to land thousands of write-ups for our clients in places like Techcrunch, Engadget, Wired, Mashable, Fast Company, Forbes, and the Huffington Post and more. But our relationships are just the start.

Step into our Southern California headquarters and you'll find that life is a little different here. Think themed conference rooms, meditation pods and drone races. We pride ourselves in our distinctive culture and in our creative work environment. We sketch, write, analyze, and code yet we find that what sets us each apart is exactly what brings us together. We all have the desire to live exceptional lives and do amazing work.

We're not just another PR Agency .... far from it. We're PR disruptors .... a PR revolution. We're a radical departure .... a whole new way to generate more news coverage for your business faster. Having the right contacts help, but having the data and analytics that drive real results for you make all of the difference. With Visiting From Space IQ, we combine our media relationships with behavioral analytics and intuitive technology .... a first in the industry. We turn data into decisions, constantly analyzing and fine tuning our approach with reporters to get you maximum media exposure. The result .... we're able to generate more news coverage for you faster. Our clients seek us out for this reason and we have a blast doing it.

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