You guys are pros. I saw the new articles you got placed overnight … great. Thanks SO much. - Steve Swartz, Westinghouse


The Westinghouse Nucli Smart Lock gives you total control over what happens at your door. Complete with fingerprint recognition, camera, voice mail, real time voice communication, and remote auto-locking, Nucli allows you to keep the people and places you love safe.
3 Days

time to land first article


boost in Nucli sales after 1 month

4 billion

annual sales for all of Westinghouse



Westinghouse has thousands of products that generate over 4 billion dollars in annual sales. They have considerable resources, but despite this, when they launched Nucli presales and exposure felt flat. The Nucli is one of hundreds of smart locks already in the marketplace. Its competitors we're getting substantial press coverage so Nucli was getting squeezed out. The CEO of Westinghouse reached out to us for help.





With press coverage comes numbers .... BIG NUMBERS. In less than a month, orders for the Nucli reached $197,072, giving Westinghouse the confidence to take on its competitors and continue its wider rollout in the marketplace.





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