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Welcome to the future of PR!

We’re obsessed with driving results and we know you are too. That’s why we’ve built a whole new way to market and grow your company. We give you ultimate control to dramatically advance your business. We start with a fresh creative process, give you access to the world’s top influencers, and empower you with all the data that supports your campaign. In other words, we show you everything! We put you on the ground floor of your marketing campaign and place the control where it belongs, in your hands. Every step of the way we’re aligning our approach with your goals. We are the only agency in the world that gives you the power to reach out to press on your terms. Start with a single campaign, monitor your results and ramp up from there. We give you the front row seat.

When it comes to landing an influential write-up from a top journalist or blogger we’ve nailed the process down to a science. It starts with a compelling elevator pitch sent directly to the right journalist. We track its progress and analyze the results. From there we give you the power to follow up. Following up with journalists after you’ve reached out to them is one of the most potent and overlooked tools to scoring big coverage. It’s part of the process and we can help you optimize everything.

Consistency is key! Once you start getting traction, step on the gas. That’s why we offer you the chance to keep going further. It’s not an upsell, it’s how you need to operate if you want to maximize coverage.

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PR Pulse

We're giving you an in-depth look into exactly how your media campaign performed …. an industry first. Track email opens, clicks, shares, location, and so much more. No more smoke and mirrors. You get to see the work.

These aren’t just number for numbers sake. These numbers actually help you and us understand how reporters are responding to your company and what can be done to improve results. The data helps maximize your press coverage and takes your brand to the next level.
Follow-up It all starts with a follow-up. We keep your momentum going by giving you the power to re-contact reporters. Just click the FOLLOW UP button and we’ll rewrite your pitch. Then we’ll schedule the optimum day to re-engage the press. You’ll find out how powerful following-up really is.
Scale-up Happy with the results? There are more reporters we can reach out to. Just click on the SCALE UP button. Based on the data we’re seeing from your last campaign, we’ll improve our outreach. Then we’ll reach out to a whole new batch of reporters based on the plan you buy.

Our approach give you the power to work within your budget and set a course of action with real results.

The following data table is a 24 hour snapshot of your media campaign. The information displayed is in an abbreviated format. You can expand the data sets via the filter options below. All metrics are also searchable and can be copied, printed and exported.

The information presented on this dashboard was designed to give you an in-depth look into how your media campaign performed. We do not provide specific contact details (i.e. name, email, address, etc.) for reporters who fall outside of these parameters, as this would infringe upon certain agreements we have in place with media outlets and our Intellectual Property (IP).

We will connect you with the reporters who respond directly to our outreach for your specific media campaign. This includes the journalists who request more information about your company, desire product samples, and/or seek interviews.

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[The table above refreshes every 24 Hrs.]
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