We are very happy with the results and the success of our launch. Thanks again for all your help and support.
- Greg Ponese, Bublcam


Bublcam is a 360 degree camera that lets you capture spherical panoramas of what's going on around you. Simply push a button and capture photographs or spherical videos with zero blind spots.

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sales boost in 5 weeks


seed round of funding



The Bublcam crosses over into many industries including general and professional photography, action sports, real estate, travel, gaming, chatting and more. Our challenge was to reach out to the press in as many different industries as possible ... all within a month. Starting at $399, the Bublcam is more expensive than most products, so another goal was to get the press to focus on the features rather than on the price.





Within 8 hours of launching, sales for the bublcam soared to $100,000. In the first month, sales hit $346,122. The successful launch paved the way for a $4.6 million round of VC funding.







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