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There were over 7500 reporters at CES. How many stopped by your booth to review your products?

If you're looking for more press coverage you've come to the right place. Even though CES has ended, reporters are still actively looking for products just like yours to write about. CES was a great resource for them, but with over 3000 exhibitors, endless distractions, and miles of walkways to trek through, it was impossible to see everything. Now that they're back in the office with CES still fresh on their mind, it's the perfect time to reach out to them. If you want guaranteed coverage in outlets like Techcrunch, Forbes, Mashable, Fast Company, Engadget, Wired and tons more, don't delay ... get started now.

CES was great. We generated a ton of coverage for our clients, but reporters are always looking for products to feature. We know these reporters, we know who they are, we know what they write about, and we know how to present your company to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity of getting featured.

Just one article can expose your company to millions of targeted consumers. Can you imagine what hundreds of articles will do?

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s about to get awesome.

In just one month, Visiting From Space got us featured in Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget, Wired, Mashable and over 500 more news outlets. All of the visibility immediately increased our sales by $346,000 and paved the way for a $4.6 million dollar round of funding. Amazing!! – the Bublcam

We're the top technology PR agency on the planet. No one knows this space better than we do. We have deep relationships with the world's top reporters. We leverage our relationships day in and day out to land thousands of write-ups for our clients in places like Techcrunch, Engadget, Wired, Mashable, Fast Company, Forbes, and the Huffington Post and more. But our relationships are just the start.

Step into our Southern California headquarters and you'll find that life is a little different here. Think themed conference rooms, meditation pods and drone races. We pride ourselves in our distinctive culture and in our creative work environment. We sketch, write, analyze, and code yet we find that what sets us each apart is exactly what brings us together. We all have the desire to live exceptional lives and do amazing work.

We're not just another PR Agency .... far from it. We're PR disruptors .... a PR revolution. We're a radical departure .... a whole new way to generate more news coverage for your business faster. Having the right contacts help, but having the data and analytics that drive real results for you make all of the difference. With Visiting From Space IQ, we combine our media relationships with behavioral analytics and intuitive technology .... a first in the industry. We turn data into decisions, constantly analyzing and fine tuning our approach with reporters to get you maximum media exposure. The result .... we're able to generate more news coverage for you faster. Our clients seek us out for this reason and we have a blast doing it.

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