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We’re so confident you’ll love what we do, for a limited time only we’re dropping our prices so you can try us out at a reduced rate. With our Starter Package you receive all of the same benefits of our top packages at a fraction of the cost. You get the same great team, same great creative and the same great media contacts. The main difference with the Starter Package is your commitment. Unlike the other plans that require you to be on board for at least 2 months, the Starter Package lasts for 14 days and includes a onetime push to our contacts and targeted reporters in your industry ... the journalists most likely to feature you. Once you try us out and you experience the amazing results first hand, we're sure you’ll want to stay with us longer. If you decide to upgrade to our other plans we’ll subtract the amount you paid for the Starter Package. Note: Only one Starter Package per client.
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Starter Package Features

The Starter Package is designed to fit within your marketing mix, align with business goals, and most importantly ... move the needle. Whether your launching a product, looking for a boost in sales, or trying to build buzz for a round of funding, here’s how we make the magic happen
14 Days of Pure Awesomeness

Step By Step Process

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Let's roll. We'll kick everything off with a conference call with our creative team.
Day 1 - Day 13:
We build your media assets (i.e. company pitch, media portal).
Day 1 - Day 13:
We go through our network of 900,000 journalists, zeroing in on the right reporters.
Day 14:
Media Day ... the day we reach out to the press. Fasten your seatbelts!

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